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About this web

This is the website for the Tabakalera cultural project, which is an initiative from Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea S. A.. It has been developed to provide information and documentation related to the activities organised by the cultural project, enable people to get involved in the proposed activities and give access to the services offered. At the same time, the website also lists other events taking place in the building that have been organised by the institutions and initiatives that are part of its ecosystem.

Development and design

The website has been developed by Biko2 2006 SLInterzonas, using Drupal techonology.

It has been designed by TGA+Asociados.

Tabakalera is particularly grateful to all those volunteers who took part in the planning stages for the creation of this website.


Both Tabakalera and those in charge of developing and designing this website have worked to ensure that it is user­friendly and accessible. The content has also been created to be available to anybody regardless of whether they have any kind of functional, physical, mental or technological diversity, in accordance with the WAI­ARIA recommendations made by W3C.

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Tabakalera's website has been designed to be multiplatform. This means that you'll be able to enjoy the user experience regardless of whether you are browsing on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

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