Programme with teaching staff - Agroecology and Education - Marc Badal, Assumpta Ayerdi Olaizola, Mirene Begiristain Zubillaga | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

¡Me importa un pimiento! (I couldn't care less)

Agroecology and education

l'Ortolano. Giuseppe Arcimboldo

l'Ortolano (1590). Giuseppe Arcimboldo

We are dedicating the sixth edition of our Programme with Teaching Staff to the cross between agroecology and educational processes. In it, we will go into detail on themes such as food, consumption or the history of the agricultural world, which I consider could be essential when thinking about today’s social structures, and also about how to construct collective knowledge.

We are interested in creating a forum to reflect on the supremacy of scientific knowledge over popular wisdom, which has been relegated to the level of improvisation and the domestic and the private domains.

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Marc Badal


Assumpta Ayerdi Olaizola

Education and Impact Manager with the Emaús Social Foundation

Mirene Begiristain Zubillaga

Specialist in agroecology




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