FOUNTAIN - Ila Firouzabadi | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián


I will be researching the history of the local fountains in any city I go to in order to design and build a fountain/sculpture installation based on the acquired data. Depending on each city my project will reflect on their sociopolitical history. Many European cities adorned with beautiful and lavish water fountains that once stood as symbols of prosperity, are now faced with political issues around the world, namely war in the Middle Eastern countries, immigration and refugees’ crisis. Such fountains now coexist with refugee camps being set near them in some parts of the cities. Hence my project will be very site specific concerning such issues and events.

I have recently done a residency in Brussels at (Servais Family residency and collection) where I began my first installation. After a period of intensive research and collecting data, the design of my project was finalized and I am currently in the process of creating the different pieces pertaining to the fountain structure.

In this residency (Tabakalera) I will have the chance to expand my knowledge about the city, its history and its residents.I will also start building a new fountain, which will be the manifestation of the results of my above-mentioned research, based on sketches and drawings which will be completed in this residency.

The following are some work in progresses sketches of the fountain.

  • Date: 08-11-2018 > 08-12-2018