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Nowadays at Tabakalera

Nowadays at Tabakalera

  • Emilio Moreno

    Between nervous laughter and tears of joy

    Emilio Moreno

    What are emotions? What is their social function? What is the relationship between cognition and emotion? Between emotions and political discourse? How does emotional capitalism affect you? How do emotions vary in the digital environment? Artificial intelligence and emotions?

    Entre la risa nerviosa y un llorar de alegría
  • Mirari Echávarri

    Cuerpos #2 Skin Picking

    Mirari Echávarri

    Bodies #2 Skin Picking is a body-focused behaviour described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th edition) under the name ‘excoriation disorder’ or ‘dermatillomania’ which is characterised by persistent scratching or pinching of one’s own skin.

  • Mi casa envuelta

    Claudia Lorenzo

    "Mi casa envuelta" is the second part of the "Neta inu ni" project she started in 2017.The Haiku is the driving force that shapes both projects.

  • Bitterness. Ecologies of hops

    Susana Cámara Leret

    Bitterness. Ecologies of hops is a proposal inspired by pharmacopeias, books containing compilations of medicinal recipes where specific vegetal agents are exposed, alongside their properties, composition and modes of preparation.

Archivo de Artistas Residentes

Archivo de Artistas Residentes

  • Maja Hodosce

    We know more that we can tell

    Maja Hodoscek

    The main focus of Hodoscek’s practice is exploring different concepts of learning and modes of producing knowledge. She observes different social groups within learning environments, or she creates situations where a certain type of learning takes place.

    We know more that we can tell
  • saioa burutaran

    Take Me Home

    Saioa Burutaran

    Take me home (John Denver, 1971).

    take me home
  • Eszter Katalin

    "I hold you and you hold me"

    Eszter Katalin

    The project to be completed during the Tabakalera residency program will be a video dealing with the term "care" within a queer-feminist context.

  • Tamara García


    Tamara García

    The direction of a boat.
    The relationship between a man and a woman.
    Makura no Sōshi.
    Sei Shōnagon
    Immigrants waiting in Immigration Control in the old ‘Hotel De Inmigrantes’ in Buenos Aires.

    Tamara Garcia El Paraiso

    Michael Wahrmann

    A retired French couple buy an abandoned house on a paradisiac island in the northeast of Brazil. The island is more isolated than what they had imagined.


    Martina Juncadella

    A writer moves to a mythical hotel in central Buenos Aires while in the depths of grief following the death of his mother. While tackling his next novel, he wanders the city with a roll of paintings that he can’t open.


    Alberto Martin

    Hunting takes place in the countryside of southern Extremadura during the cold winter months. Ana (20) and Juan Luis (25) are a young couple in charge of leading the dogs in this ritual event. For some time, Ana has been thinking about leaving her town for the capital.

  • JO TA KE

    Aitziber Olaskoaga

    In 1990, Negu Gorriak played their first concert outside Herrera de la Mancha prison and later sold a VHS recording of the event.


    Raven Jackson

    In lyrical, non-linear portraits evoking the texture of memories, All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt viscerally and experientially explores the life of a Black woman in the American South - from youth to her older years.

  • Julen García

    A body is never just a body

    Julen García

    A body is never just a body highlights the relationship between the body and the image, in a close approximation to the images produced by fashion.

    A body is never just a body
  • Miel Oyarzabal


    Miel Oyarzabal

    I am interested in the Tabakalera space. I am interested in it being a public space that opens and closes. I am interested to know that there is a whole public space enclosed within it. Time as a resource and time as a physical mechanism of transformation.

  • Irati Cano

    Leader Women

    Irati Cano

    An image of a woman accompanied by coloured bars that appears for a few frames (usually one to four) at the beginning and end of each 35mm film. These images were between the countdown numbers and between the colour sample bars that the public could not see, as an aid to calibrating the colour.

    Irati Cano
  • Izaro Ieregi

    Furniture With Flat Top

    Izaro Ieregi

    By using activities registered in archives and making use of a score and devices that enable us to contort our body and distort our voice. Recording a new event. An exercise of form. 

    Izaro ieregi - working studios for artists
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