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Biblioteca de Creación: Préstamo desc

Préstamo de contenidos

Ubik provides for the possibility of taking the content, equipment or toys available in its library out of its physical space, and so it is offering a content loan service. The loan service is free of charge, but it is necessary to be a member of the library: Tabakalera Card.  


Content loan

The content loan service offers a chance to take out the journals/magazines, video games, films, books, discs, etc. from the Tabakalera Creation Library and enjoy them away from the Ubik premises. In order to promote citizen autonomy, individuals may independently borrow documents and return them using the automatic lending machines located at the library entrance. 

Ordinary members can borrow up to 15 documents per month and there is no need whatsoever for them to be in the same medium. If the content of interest has been borrowed by someone else, there is also a possibility of reserving it.


Loan periods and quantity

Number of documents

Periods (days)








Returning material

Material is returned using the self-service return machines located at the entrance to the Ubik creation library during opening hours. You can also use the machines located at the two entrances to Tabakalera 24 hours a day.

Remember that failure to observe the deadlines for returning material is an insult to the rest of members, which you would also feel aggrieved about if someone else did it. Try to respect the return dates, please.

In addition, any delay in returning material will mean a temporary suspension of the loan service for the person responsible.


Renewal and loss of documents

Renewal of material on loan: The deadlines for the return of documents set by Ubik are sufficiently long for members to be able to enjoy documents. That is why there is no possibility of renewal.

Reservation policy: If you are interested in a document that is currently out on loan to someone else, Ubik offers you the opportunity to reserve it. In all cases, the reservation period will be two days. After that, the reservation will be cancelled and the material will be available to anyone interested in it. 

Any user type can reserve as many documents as they can take out on loan.


In the event of loss... 

If a document is lost, the responsible person will have to replace it with one the same at Ubik. If discontinued, Ubik will select a document of interest with the same price, and the member will be responsible for purchasing this document.

Until resolving this problem, the member will be suspended from taking any other documents out on loan.


Resource Loan Service

The library encourages learning, creating and enjoying, so the resources offered in the library space are designed to enable these actions to take place. What is more, members wishing to pursue their own creative development outside Ubik can use the resource loan service.

Games Loan

We defend the position that the themes or areas developed in the library can also be worked on through games and toys. So various games available in the library can be borrowed. 

Apart from working on Ubik’s theme areas, co-operative games and ones that help to develop the imagination and creativity are available through this service.