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Here's to a cultural 2018. Stay tuned!

12-01-2018 14:52

Here's to a cultural 2018. Stay tuned!

We started 2018 with the same momentum as 2017, a year in which Tabakalera evolved across its three dimensions and, following the year of capital status, continued to attract the interest of visitors who came in greater numbers: an average of 20,000 visits per week, thanks to all of you.

New partners have been incorporated into the ecosystem: Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, the hotel One Shot and bookstore. Tobacco Days. The public square has been transformed with the premiere of the works by Jerónimo Hagerman (Malas Madres) and Miren Doiz (7 formas y una cucharilla) and we have also started programmes like Harrotu Ileak that establish new forms of relationship with young people who come to Tabakalera.

Regarding cultural projects, 2017 has been a year of strengthening public and programme lines, as well as positioning in networks. Both Ubik and the mediation project have been referenced in specialized forums in Latin America, Chile and Colombia in relation to their methodological approaches in the library and pedagogical sectors in the art world; the digital magazine Artnet has mentioned Tabakalera as one of the most attractive residential programmes in Europe; the alliances forged on the basis of the audio-visual programme with Zinemaldia and Filmoteca Vasca have led to the foundations for the creation of the Council cinema school in Tabakalera; at Hirikilabs, we have published the first decalogue of its kind on the implementation of the technological field in schools; through the exhibitions programme, we have worked with prestigious centres such as Witte de With Rotterdam and Fundación Miró in Barcelona, and we have collaborated with the Pompidou Centre  in Paris.

Exposición Estimulantes: circulación y euforia
Ud-Ha Rodrigo Cuevas
Atlas - Talleres de autoedición
SummerLabs - Hirikilabs

We started 2018 with this impulse and a programme for all audiences: families, young people, lovers of cinema, art and / or technology, restless thinkers, the curious, adults, people from the neighbourhood, tourists, the province or the state, the general and / or specialist public.

For those who like contemporary art, we started the year on a luxury note, with the Donostia-born artist Itziar Okariz, after her appearances in Kunsthaus Baselland (Basel) and at CA2M (Móstoles). In the summer, we kept our appointment with the audio-visual sector by inviting the artist Rosa Barba, known for her installations with projectors and her more direct work with film and audio-visual materiality. In the autumn, we can expect two projects developed in residence during 2017 in Tabakalera: L'Intrus, a proposal of the French curator Natasha Marie Llorens, a collective exhibition that deals with the figure of the intruder, and the project developed by the Tractor Koop group around the figure of the New Zealand artist, Darcy Lange, an artist who has tackled issues such as work, the factory, ethnicity and flamenco, amongst others, through his videographic work.

As always, we will offer an extensive programme of activities and mediation to accompany the exhibitions, making them more accessible for families, adults and the general public.

Exercise as a theme will take up part of our programming over the next two years in the form of seminars, talks, concerts, reading groups and exhibitions, such as that of Itziar Okariz. Through La Gran Conversaciónwe will provide insight into the development of this project, accompanied by different professionals.

The year is full of cinema. We shall continue with our weekly programme in collaboration with other institutions, and celebrate the arrival of Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola. Special sessions for young people, families, programmes such as ZOOM or programmes for schools like Zinema (h)abian or Rec will continue to promote film culture. The intention, as always, is to try to bring filmic language and the creators who pass through Tabakalera closer to the public in order to engage in conversation.

For the more specialist public, in addition to film programming, we will continue to provide the opportunity to reflect on the cinematographic event itself with the International Film Seminar that will take place again in July, within the framework of Rosa Barba's exhibition. We will also support the development of projects through Ikusmira Berriak.

Meanwhile, in Ubik, we will continue delving into the content developed in Tabakalera through the acquisition of collections, the development of tours for them, games to make them fun. We will also hold introductory workshops in many of these areas: technology, desktop publishing, the audio-visual, videogames, etc. Ubik is undertaking a very important role in experimentation as an enabler for the amateur creator, a place for meeting and recreation, but also for knowledge, study and access to specialist contents in contemporary culture.

The distinctive service we offer is making us rethink the ways in which libraries relate to their context.

For lovers and fans of technology, Hirikilabs is still in the same journey, offering learning opportunities on how to use technological tools and also facilitating the development of community projects. Families, adults and schools, in collaboration with the University and other agents of the technological and innovation field. This year, as a qualitative step within the project, we will launch a research group to reflect on the role of women in the field of technology.

In the mediation programme, and in addition to all approximation programmes for contemporary art and the relationship with schools and associations, will also address their own projects, such as the new phase of the project with the group of former factory workers, Archiveras, in the construction of a collective archive

In summer, as usual, we will have a special programme for you: in addition to the Rosa Barba exhibition and the International Film Seminar, we will repeat UD-HA Terraza, our most summery event on the roof of Tabakalera, with performances, cinema and outdoor music. At Hirikilabs, we will continue to make a meeting place available to the technological community, in addition to the txokos or societies for families that will be complemented with the Ubik summer workshops, where people of all ages can jump from one topic to another on a weekly basis. And, behind the doors of the workshop on the third floor, this year we will repeat the experience with the workshop that we will host for artists for their professional development.

Around that same space, about fifty residents will spend the year developing projects related to our programme or their own works.

Artists, curators, researchers and educators from Greece, Morocco, Mexico, USA, Madrid, Seville, the Basque Country and other places will co-exist in this space and contribute to the Tabakalera programme.

And many more projects that we will unveil await us here and in other spaces to be shared with all of you. Stay tuned.

Here's to a cultural 2018!

Ane Rodríguez Armendariz
Cultural Director, Tabakalera

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