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In the Realm of Desire

30-05-2017 12:49

In the Realm of Desire

Today’s presentation is, in terms of the future, the most exciting and ground-breaking since we first wrote two years ago that the Tabakalera movie theatre was opening. Today we are writing about another moment of initiation, directly linked with the realm of desire.

We once imagined a cinema, and that cinema now is: every time we screen a film, something is shared, something that fills us, something is sown. But now, we are now adding another step: we once imagined a film school, and that film school has just arrived. The Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa presented the project a few weeks ago, under the direction of film director and Professor, Carlos Muguiro. Elias Querejeta Zinema-Eskola fits perfectly into the daily work of the three institutions whose activity revolves around audiovisual endeavour in Tabakalera: The Basque Film Archive, The San Sebastian Film Festival and the Tabakalera cultural project. Hence its peculiarity, its avant-garde nature and its potential. What international school would not dream of working on a daily basis with the most important film festival in its country, with an ever-growing film archive at its headquarters and an innovative cultural project based on the interchange and professionalization of the different artistic disciplines? And vice versa: what film festival, film archive or centre of crea-tion would not dream of having a group of passionate students constantly given over to creative undertaking and ebullient creation?

Carlos Muguiro said during the presentation of the project that making and teaching film today nec-essarily entails incorporation of the past (Basque Film Archive: archive and memory), knowledge of the present (San Sebastian Film Festival, curatorship and internationalization of projects) and the ability to offer a creative response to the challenges of the future (Tabakalera: creation). This journey in time begins henceforth.



Ilustration for Le concours by Claire Simon. On June 11, 6pm, presented by Carlos Muguiro at our cinema.


Víctor Iriarte
Head of cinema and audiovisual

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