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This is for me

15-09-2016 10:32

This is for me

A year ago, we rather sceptically went along to the packed opening of Tabakalera, but at the same time were amazed and excited, and eager to open its doors and begin to show off everything we had prepared and which was still a work in progress.  A great deal has happened since that day thanks to the involvement and work of many people. 

During the last year, the centre has become a gathering point in the city of San Sebastian, a workplace for artists, a cultural space where people can enjoy films, exhibitions, seminars, workshops and just to get together, hang out and chat or play ping pong. We have seen how people’s curiosity has been fundamental to give meaning to the project and its contents: peeking behind a curtain to see what is happening in this room and walking through an exhibition because the sculpture outside has caught their attention. 


UdHa Terraza - Tabakalera San Sebastian

It has been 366 days of programming, of fine-tuning the machinery, of addressing, of meeting, of making mistakes and getting things right, of being happy and of getting stressed, of changing courses and of relying on intuition.  There are many days ahead of us filled with challenges and surprises. 

We will continue working with the same drive during the coming academic year. Our aim is to consolidate the lines that have worked the best and to continue being committed to introducing a culture of combat that is critical but also enjoyable. Looking at everything with a critical but entertaining eye.   They are important aspects of our programming. 

And we are starting the year by returning here to make ourselves heard, where we can share reflections, concerns and adventures about what is happening within these four walls and beyond.

Let year 2 begin! 


Ane Rodríguez Armendariz
Cultural Director of Tabakalera

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