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Born in flames

Presentation: Lizzie Borden, Elena Duque

Born in flames, Lizzie Borden

Born in flames, Lizzie Borden, USA, 1983, 85', OV with Spanish Subtitles, 35mm

Afrofuturist and feminist science-fiction, says the theorist and critics Sophie Mayer. And an attack without palliatives to the patriarcal society that includes a women's call to the armed struggle. Like a pseudo-documentary, the film proposes a feminist uprising against a socialdemocracy whose equality and progress promises are discriminatory for minorities and women. 

Born in flames is one of those cult films with legend status: shot during four years, with a $40.000 budget, with half dozen DPs in the crew and non-professional actresses that went through in front of Lizzie's camera during all that time, the result is a unique work, iconic, that is still hot news. 


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Elena Duque

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