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Family Morning Cinema Session

Screening and optative workshop for families

Esto no es un espectáculo de patinaje, Martina Rogers, Spain

Esto no es un espectáculo de patinaje, Martina Rogers, Spain


Projection of  animation short films -with no words- to enjoy family life.

Besides the projection, Tabakalera's Education team will offer the optional workshop Kamaleoiak gara! Cinema

In the autumn workshops, we shall focus on drawing (dots and lines) to make our animations and experiment with the creation of flip books building surrealist Exquisite Corpses, making films and using Stop Motion to bring our own drawings to life.

The workshop is free and has a capacity of 20 people. If you want to participate in the workshop, you can indicate it when buying the ticket.

Land without evil

Katalin Egely, Hungary, Argentina, , 2017 4', No dialogues, DCP


Lee Dror & Yali Herbet, Israel, , 2015 7', No dialogues, DCP

Camino de agua para un pez

Mercedes Marro, Spain, Colombia, , 2015 7', No dialogues, DCP

Through the Marsh

Kryštof Ulbert, Czech Republic, , 2017 6', No dialogues, DCP


Veronika Zacharová, Czech Republic, , 2016 5', No dialogues, DCP

Esto no es un espectáculo de patinaje

Martina Rogers, Spain, 3'08'', No dialogues, DCP

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