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Session 1. The BLVD + Energy Country

Focus: Deborah Stratman The BLVD

First session of the Focus dedicated to the work of Deborah Stratman.


Deborah Stratman, USA, , 1999 64, VOES, DCP

An experimental documentary about the street drag racing scene on Chicago’s near West Side. This is a rambling, textured film about obsession. It is about the mythos of speed for its own sake, and it is about waiting. While waiting, The BLVD exposes community, inner-city landscapes and nomadic experiences of place. The film treats storytelling as a living medium for determining history. And it commands respect for those who transform cars, or anything else, through passion.

Energy Country

Deborah Stratman, USA, , 2003 14, OV with Spanish Subtitles, DCP

The frenzied detritus of trading floors, smart weaponry and the religious right are woven through the petrochemical landscapes of Southeast Texas. This short video harangue questions land use policy as it serves oil industry, patriotism as it absolves foreign aggression and fundamentalism as it calcifies thinking.

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