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Die Praxis der Liebe (The Practice of Love)

The Practice of Love

Die Praxis der Liebe (The Practice of Love), VALIE EXPORT, Austria, 1984/85, 90’

"The Practice of Love may be the most well-known work out of everything the Austrian artists has directed. The protagonist, a woman, swings between two love stories with two different men. She will get to know the real meaning of the mechanisms that articulate patriarchal society, those same mechanisms that make it impossible to have love relationships, understood from the freedom and equality between individuals, beyond the sexual plane. Since it’s impossible to obtain healthy fruits from a tree (the patriarchy) corroded by rot and corruption, VALIE EXPORT uses the usual array of avant-garde metaphors to exemplify this story with a wide political background". Martín Cuesta, Gijón International Film Festival


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