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0-6 Bizi
2016 > 2019

0-6 bizi! is a project for children aged 0 to 6 and their families, where they put into practice the education and creativity of young children and we deal with topics of interest to mothers and fathers.

Programa 0-99

Kamaleoiak Gara! Art workshop

We offer a workshop for children and adults one Saturday a month, so they can come together to Tabakalera and have a good time. 

Kamaleoiak Gara! Cinema

Once a month, the Tabakalera cinema will present an audiovisual programme for all ages (animation, experimental cinema, short films...). After the screening, we will conduct a workshop to work collectively on issues and techniques related to the film. 

Kamaleoiak Gara! Programme

An activities programme is run on one Saturday a month where young and old have fun together. The proposals come from artists, performers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, narrators, etc.

Schools And Associations


Elkar-Ekin, a mid-term programme, has been designed and implemented in conjunction with different groups of the Donostialdea educational community and the Tabakalera mediation team. 

Programme with teaching staff

This programme involves a series of encounters where teachers and the Tabakalera mediation team share expertise and experiences. During the academic year, there will be three seminars when the participants will consider communal methodologies and contents.

Workshop for groups

The Workshop for groups are a way of learning more about Tabakalera and involve the possibility of working with thematic areas related to the architectural space, exhibitions, laboratories and cinema.


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0-6 Bizi
2016 > 2019
0-6 bizi! is a project for children aged 0 to 6 and their families, where they put into practice the education and...
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Education programme 2018-2019

Education programme 2018-2019

Brochure (Pdf in Basque and Spanish - 4,6mb)