Landa Lan. A Documentation of Darcy Lange - Exhibition Opening - Tractora | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Exhibition Opening

On December 1st, Saturday, the exhibition Landa Lan. A Documentation of Darcy Lange will open its doors.

Curiosity for the work of Darcy Lange (Aotearoa/New Zealand,1946-2005), a video art pioneer and flamenco guitarist, has led the artists that make up Tractora Koop. E. to present Landa Lan. A Documentation of Darcy Lange. This exhibition project results from a work methodology divided into various phases: an initial period devoted to the intensive viewing of Lange's video work, which was completed by a second viewing period in the company of Mercedes Vicente, an expert on the artist's work. It was also her who built Darcy Lange’s personal archive, which in a third stage travelled to Tabakalera in order to be studied.

During the opening, the artists that make up Tractora Koop. E will give a chat to discuss on the development of the project.  

There will be a bus service for those who want to come to the opening from Bilbao. This service has been organized in collaboration with Zarata Fest and it will count, during the trip, with a sound-performance by Camila Tellez. 

The bus service is free of charge but registratio is requiered filling in this form



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