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Feminist Pedagogies. Work Group. Session Zero

Programme with teachers

pedagogia feministak

We think that it is fundamental for feminisms to be incorporated into our educational practices, transversally, and actively promote the type of common learning that undermines hegemonic constructions. Given the interest we have noted among many of the teachers we have dealt with, we propose forming a solid group comprising people interested in education to debate, reflect upon and carry out research on feminisms and pedagogy. The goal is to share experiences, bring our heads together, men and women alike, to create transferable training tools and make for a common framework for collective debate.  

This session will serve as the point of departure for the constitution of the group and as the space where we shall begin to programme the following sessions for the year. Throughout the 2017/18 academic year we envision holding three encounters, the first coinciding with Feministaldia 2017, the other two to be defined with the group.    

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