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Feminist Strategies in Education II

Youth, diversity and relationships

Feminist strategies in education: Feministaldia 2016

Based on the needs highlighted in the first edition of Feminist Strategies in Education, and coinciding with Feministaldia, in this workshop we will focus on work with adolescents. We will analyse the limits, conflicts, and imbalance that are generated by the relationship models that structure our society. We have the opportunity to learn about projects and dynamics that rethink these relationships together with young people; for example, safe spaces for affective-sexual diversity, strategies to combat bullying, or experiences in preventing misogynist violence.




December 12

17:00-20:00 Feminism and proper treatment as a framework for faculty (EU)

Edurne Epelde Pagola and Edurne Mendizabal – Arremanitz kooperatiba

Often time, there is resistance at work to proper treatment and feminism. In this workshop, we will attempt to identify these issues and share resources to address them. Starting with hands-on work through body and movement, we will attempt to live the benefits of proper treatment and feminism in first person.


December 13

17:00-20:00 The closet... for coats! Preventing LGBTIphobia in adolescence. (ES)

Miriam Aleman Calatayud - Asociación Candela

This training means to focus on the keys necessary to integrate sexual and gender diversity into professional practices, allowing for a positive environment to be created for young LGBTI youth. Furthermore, we will discuss LGBTIphobic bullying in school from the experience of our organisation, and we will share some anti-bullying projects that we are working on.

Más actividades de Programme with teaching staff :

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