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Focus: From the beginning. Histories of Feminist Cinema

Madame a des envies, Alice Guy

Madame a des envies, Alice Guy


All histories have a beginning. But there is not a sole history. When they are narrated, histories are created word by word. Film by film, in the case of the history of cinema. And, just as all histories have a beginning, all cinema histories have a first film. In many historic reviews of cinema, that first film is usually La sortie de l'usine à Lyon (Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory in Lyon)by the Lumière brothers. The beginning that we propose in this film cycle is also in 1895 and in a closed screening of the same movie. But we invite you to change your view and discover one of the spectators sitting in the audience: Alice Guy. A year after that session, Guy was to direct what is now considered to be the first fiction film in the history of cinema. She was there from the beginning and, for that reason, we want her to be our beginning. The rest of the journey will be alongside other female directors, accompanied by women's voices that will gradually construct this historic review of feminist films. A possible history, amongst many.



Friday, 19 October

19:00, Introduction: Ingrid Guardiola.

20:00, Screening (66’)

Madame a des envies (Madame's Cravings), Alice Guy, France, 1906, 4’
La souriante Madame Beudet (The Smiling Madame Beudet), Germaine Dulac, France, 1923, 35’
Étude cinématographique sur une arabesque, Germaine Dulac, France, 1929, 7’
At Land, Maya Deren, USA, 1946, 15’
Glimpse of the Garden, Marie Menken, USA, 1962, 5’


Friday, 30 November

19:00, Introduction: Selina Robertson

20:00, Daisies, Věra Chytilová, Czech Republic, 1966, 76’


Saturday, 8 December

19:00, Introduction

20:00, Riddles of the Sphinx, Laura Mulvey, Peter Wollen, Great Britain, 1977, 92’


Friday, 13 January

19:00 Presentation: Mirari Echávarri

20:00 Projection
Hands: the Life and Loves of the Gentler Sex, Stella Simon, Miklos Blandy 1927-28, 12’
Uko I Ucho, Franciszka y Stefan Themerson, 1945, 10’
Hand Movie, Yvonne Rainer, 1966, 6’
Movement in the inside of my left hand, Linda Christanell, 1978, 6:26 min, -Fingerfächer (1975/82), 9'53
Syntagma, VALIE EXPORT, 1983, 18’

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Focus: From the beginning. Histories of Feminist Cinema: