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Hirikilabs is a laboratory for digital culture and technology working on the social, critical, creative and collaborative use of technology. As a space for experimentation and prototyping it proposes activities related to the digital world, collaborative creation and citizen initiative and does so in the context of an international production centre for contemporary culture such as Tabakalera.

With its activity Hirikilabs seeks to stand as a space for reflection and experimentation around why, how and for what we use technology, as a Tabakalera resource for artists and creators to realize their projects and as a tool for free and open knowledge to inspire the general public and the lab community itself. 

It is a project created and developed in collaboration between Tabakalera and San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture.

Hirikilabs Labs for digital culture

Relevant content

Hirikilabs Plaza

A moment to meet other people for research, to share and make use of the space, machinery and/or resources of Hirikilabs, in an open workshop format, to make creative ideas real, moving from DIY (Do It Youself) to DIWO (Do It With Others).

Citizen science

Hirikilabs is participating in this year's science week with a round-table discussion on the concept of citizen science in which we will be joined by Antonio Lafuente and IMVEC, a collective that investigates technologies to allow for survival in adverse environments.

Eginzaleak! Fair

On 16 December, during the entire day, Tabakalera will host the Eginzaleak! fair, a space that will exhibit the projects and creations made by people and collectives of hackers, makers and new artisans. The registration period for organising a stand will remain open until November 30. 



Hirikilabs, citizen laboratory brochure


Brochure - EN & FR (PDF - 2 mb)