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Citizen astronomy - Hirikilabs
2017 > 2019
An open group in collaboration with the Astronomy Department of the Aranzadi Sciences Society that will discuss topics...
cinema and technology
2018 > 2019
The experimental film and technology lab aims to cast a critical eye on the use of technology (both analogue and...
Open group that intends to research 3D printing
2016 > 2019
Open group that intends to research 3D printing in the domestic environment and to learn by using free software...
Open inmersion thermal circulator
2017 > 2019
Food Hack Lab meets with the idea of ​​developing projects that provide solutions in gastronomic, culinary or...
Grupo de trabajo para crear material educativo abierto
2018 > 2019
Its aim is to create reproducible materials on specific topics and methodologies not contemplated by the school...
Wired UK - NDNAD Infographic - Jer Thorp
2018 > 2019
Data Commons Lab is a production space for analysing and viewing data led by Montera34.
Textile experimentation group
2017 > 2019
This open group was launched with the idea of​ experimenting with textiles, working with the possibilities offered by...
culture common resource
2014 > 2015
Working topics are remixing, p2p, network cooperation, digital content licensing, procommons or public domain
expanded learning
2014 > 2015
This open group aims to open and explore new areas of learning.
Holocube Raspeberry Pi Python
The aim of this project is to make a three-dimensional display out of a 8x8x8 LED cube to create some simple games in...
Bauhaus graffiti toolkit
Open-source Teaching Guide and Toolkit to create urban graphic interventions.
DIY photo developing station DIY
The aim of this project is designing and prototyping one DIY / DIWO open source model that allows new users enter...
Papirudia Papiroflexia raspberry pi
Using the Mathematica application in a Raspberry-Pi, aims to find a low cost application that allows mapping on...
openbike open source bike diy bici
#Openbike project consists on the design and manufacture of a DIY bike model.
Creative Code
2014 > 2015
The Creative Code group aims to promote the work of the computer programming or “coding” in a different way; these...


Hirikilabs Plaza

The Hirikilabs Plaza open call for projects is a process in which anyone can bring project proposals related to technology and / or digital culture to be developed at Hirikilabs in collaboration with other people.

Eginzaleak! 2018

La 6ª Semana de la tecnología y la fabricación digital engloba una serie de actividades en torno a la tecnología ciudadana en ámbitos tan diversos como: la fabricación digital, el diseño, el desarrollo de hardware, la investigación en torno a nuevos usos del código o el software...

SummerLab 2019

SummerLab es un campamento de verano, un encuentro cooperativo temporal en torno a temáticas relacionadas con diversos ámbitos de la tecnología, la cultura digital, el diseño abierto y el aprendizaje en común, que reúne iniciativas referentes en estos ámbitos.

Del aula al laboratorio 2019

En el encuentro Del aula al laboratorio, dirigido a la comunidad escolar, reivindicaremos la imagen del docente creador, de los que diseñan espacios para la experimentación y experiencias para el aprendizaje. 

Hirikilabs, citizen laboratory brochure


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Hirikilabs opening hours:

Tuesday to Friday: 10:00-14:00 and 16:00-20:00

3rd floor




+34 943 259 300



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Map of Hirikilabs - Digital Culture and Technology Laboratory

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