- Introduction to Arduino - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Introduction to Arduino


Learning sessions that provide an introduction to experimental electronics, structured in several separate sessions and aimed at the implementation of projects: Introduction to electronics, physical Arduino, sensors, actuators, shields, design and manufacture of PCBs.

Session 1: introduction to Arduino - Feb 19
Introduction to the Arduino platform, an educational project on free hardware designed for students, designers and artists to start out in the world of interactive electronics in an enjoyable and practical way. It will focus on topics such as core electronics and programming, using digital inputs and outputs and PC communication.

Session 02: Sensors and Actuators - February 26
Introduction to sensors, types of sensors to make basic prototypes, LDR, sound level meter, tape measure, etc. and how to download libraries and library formats and how to add them.
Introduction to actuators, learning about the actuators that we may use, such as motors, relays, servos, piezos, solenoids, etc.