Kinaesthesia: logic of movement - Exercises in "exota" reading - Olatz González Abrisketa | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Exercises in "exota" reading

Reading group

reading group

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Through these two reading sessions (May 24 and June 7) we intend to promote reflection on distance, touching on topics such as understanding the "other" and communication between diverse cultures. After identifying the need to distance this relationship from force and violence, the poet and archaeologist Victor Segalen coined the term "exota", with the intention of promoting a respectful physical and sensory approach to the words and images of those who are different to us.

This reading group is open to anyone who wants to explore this line of thinking in greater depth. The activity will involve reading texts by Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, François Jullien, Zhuangzi and others under the direction of Olatz González de Abrisketa.


10 of May- 10.00-14.00 Exot readings 

In collaboration with the Master of Social Anthropology, the exot readings group is going to meet to share ideas about predation and body. The session, which will be composed of brief presentations by the group's members and debates, proposes a reading (Eduardo Viveiros de Castro "Perspectivism and multinaturalism in Indigenous America") and raises a question: Bearing in mind that the precariousness of the Future should transform in one way or another our predatory mood, with what models do we have or what alliances can we summon to think or live differently, perhaps even from a position of prey?


Olatz González Abrisketa

Professor of social anthropology at the University of the Basque Country