KohaFerence 2017 - Koha free library software conference - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

KohaFerence 2017

Koha free software conference

KohaFerence 2017 - Koha software conference
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KohaFerence 2017 is the second meeting of users and people interested in the Koha Library Manager held in Spain and will be on November 23rd and 24th in Tabakalera (Donostia / San Sebastián), organised by Ubik, Tabakalera’s creation library.

An increasing number of projects and institutions have opted for this library management system, and it’s important to have a user community with which to share experiences, challenges and problems related to Koha.

For those people and institutions who want to know more about Koha or who are thinking of switching to it, the conference is an opportunity for learning and collaboration around the management system and to find out more about its tools.

The gathering has been structured around three key themes and will include the participation of national and international professionals:

  • General talks on Koha to give an overview and present the status of this library manager and its international community.
  • Streamlined and practical presentations on specific projects and experiences, analysing the various initiatives in Spain that work with Koha.
  • Participative workshops for analysing the tool, setting out needs, identifying possible future projects and more.

KohaFerence 2017 will also be an opportunity to continue the conversations and reflections started at the first conference, and to meet new professionals working with this open-source software.





Thursday, November 23rd - Learning
(1st block) Koha in the world: projects and realities
9:30 Collect documentation
10:00 Welcome and introductory presentation:
  • Ane Rodríguez. Tabakalera Cultural Director.
  • Arantza Mariskal. Manager of Ubik, Tabakalera’s Creation Library.
10:15   Koha Experiences in Large and Branched Libraries: Turkish Case. Mengü Yazıcıoğlu, Devinim Yazilim Ltd.
11:15   Break
11:45   Mabuhay! Summary of the 2017 Koha International Conference. Cristina Gareta, Manager of SIGB projects at SCANBIT.
12:15  Koha Maná and ILL: tools for sharing and collaborating. Hugo Agud, Orex.
13:15 Potential of the Folio project for the Koha community and plugins for integrating EBSCO technology in Koha. Tiago Fernandes, Engineer for EBSCO’s library service and Carlos Campa, EBSCO Regional Sales Manager.
14:00   Lunch break
(2nd block) How are we doing it here?
16:00   15 x 15 sessions:
  • Public libraries in Galicia, a network with Koha. Consuelo Meiriño, Library System Manager for Galicia.
  • Koha: The University of Cadiz and its support of open-source software. Aurora Márquez Pérez, Technical Process and Technological Management Coordinator. Library, Archives and Publications Department of the University of Cádiz.
  • The Kobli experience in the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport’s Library of Culture. Darío Martínez Bernardo, Director of the Library of Culture. Sub-Directorate General of Documentation and Publications. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.
  • Koha adapted to old collections: the experience of the Institutum Historicum Ordinis de Mercede and Sibadoc. Mª José Rucio Zamorano and Sol Ugarte Fernández, members of the Collective Cataloguing of the Mercedario Library Heritage project.
  • Implementing Koha and Coral (ERM) for integrated management of electronic and physical resources. Hugo Agud, Orex.
  • Transforming the Ubik catalogue: from the goldfish bowl to the street. Leire Mitxelena and Natalia Montes, Ubik, Tabakalera’s creation library.
18:00   Questions and discussion
19:00   Visit to Ubik, Tabakalera's creation library.
Friday, November 24th - Doing
(3rd block) All hands on deck
9:30    Choose your workshop (each participant must choose between one of these three workshops:
  • Workshop No. 1: Thinking of migrating to Koha? We’ll share what we’ve learned from our experience. Ainhoa Carcavilla and Arantza Mendieta, SIIS Centre for Documentation and Research of the Fundación Eguía Careaga.
  • Workshop No. 2: Under the Koha umbrella: integrating libraries, formats and web applications. Experience of a collaborative project. Elena Primo Peña and Virginia Jiménez Planet, National Library of Health Sciences.
  • Workshop No. 3: Collaborate with other open source communities and develop your library management software. Cristina Gareta, manager of SIGB projects at SCANBIT.
11:00     Pooling workshop experiences.
11:30     Break
12:00    Now what? Work session.
13:30   Roundup and close of KohaFerence2017.
Download the programme (.pdf):