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L'âge atomique

With Héléna Klotz

L'age atomique helena Klotz

L'âge atomique (The Atomic Age), Héléna Klotz, France, 2011, 67', VOSE, DCP.

The Atomic Age is a journey to the end of the night in Paris: there are sounds of electronic music and two friends wander from one place to another, from one disco to another, from one desire to the next. The Eiffel Tower is like a lighthouse in the middle of the sea and this could be a film about sailors, yes. Very young sailors.

The Atomic Age is the title which inspired the name of the season on imaginary of youth. Following the marine simile, it is also one of the ports in the retrospective to Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval, as the director, Héléna Klotz, is the daughter film maker in the family of film makers.

FIPRESCI Award at the Berlin Film Festival (Panorama), 2012. 

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