The Great Conversation - Let oneself speak - Jon Mikel Euba, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Delgado, Ainara LeGardon, Tomás Pollán, Joaquín Vázquez Ruiz de Castroviejo | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Let oneself speak

let oneself speak the great conversation

Dancer with a Tambourine X-radiograph © Fitzwilliam Museum

'Let oneself speak' will be the first work group of The Great Conversation.

Contrary to all other animal species, the human race entrusts the entirety of its existence to language. This perspective sheds light on the boutade from philosopher Roland Barthes in which he claimed that language is fascist from the moment we are compelled to speak. Spoken language is a tool with which to begin acting in other languages, such as music or the dancing arts, based on rhythm. We trust that the invitation to ‘stop speaking’ guides us to unexpected places. Hence, this first section proffers a reflection on the relationships and tensions which arise between text and voice, means and purpose, art and life, exercise, rehearsal and the finished work. 


  • Jon Mikel EubaLa máxima paradójica. Relaciones entre lo visible y lo invisible. Segundo intento.

  • Juan Carlos Rodríguez DelgadoEjercicios hacia la sabiduría en el Mundo Antiguo

  • Ainara LeGardonMorder el silencio, abrir la boca y dejarlo ir

  • Tomás PollánEjercicios de reflexión teórica y práctica

  • Joaquín VázquezPensar en movimiento