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L’Or des mers

Carte Blanche: Valérie Massadian

L'or des mers, Jean Epstein

L’Or des mers, Jean Epstein, 1932, 73’, DCP OV with Spanish subtitles

Key filmmaker of the impressionism, Epstein was an inventor of forms.

When the cinema projects were still developed in film studios, Epstein was one of the few who took the risk to shoot outdoors, in the wonderful landscapes of Britain, proving that cinema and adventures belong together: nature , direct sound, non-professional actors...  And also showing how, by means of experimentation, an artist can gain control of the world through his eyes. This way, life's ups and downs become part of the film, turning this movie not only into a documentary but also into an artwork, in Epstein's own words. The speed, the light, the sound of the sea, the wind, the storms and the bodies end up becoming part of a whole.

In a desolate land, inhabited by sailors living in harsh conditions, there are no good and bad characters, only human beings who face their destiny. In this context, Soizic and his father, an old and alcoholic sailor, discover a treasure in a drifting boat dragged by the sea.



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