Itziar Okariz. I Never Said Umbrella - "Los cuerpos de la voz" + Ujjayi - Carmen Pardo Salgado, Itziar Okariz | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

"Los cuerpos de la voz" + Ujjayi

Conference and performance

Ujjayi. Itziar Okariz. Installation (2018).

Ujjayi. Itziar Okariz. Installation (2018).

Carmen Pardo will give a talk titled Los cuerpos de la voz (The bodies of the voice), drawing on what voice invokes in the first place and a form of idealism which has set the body aside. Live streaming:

Itziar Okariz will then perform the work Ujjayi in the exhibition hall. Ujjayi is based on a type of breathing that is used in the practice of yoga. The meaning of the word ujjayi is “I am victorious”, although it is usually translated as the “ocean breath”, because that is the image it conjures up. The figurative nature of the piece is important: between the abstract space of the sound of the breathing and the impression that it produces, as if the sign and the sense were separated and fractured.

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Carmen Pardo Salgado

Irakaslea eta ikertzailea.