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A film by Valérie Massadian

Milla, Valérie Massadian

Milla, Valérie Massadian, France, 2017, 128’ DCP OV with Spanish subtitles


This film is like a rock 'n' roll album: fragile, electric, visionary.

Milla is 17 years old and travels with her boyfriend Leo through the coastal landscapes of northern France. What are they escaping from? Where do they come from? Where are they going? How did they become lovers searching for a home for both of them?

Their existence is full of vital urgency, of survival: badly paid small jobs, nights seeking to change the world, sunrises in landscapes unfamiliar to them… Until they find a house on the shore of the English Channel and they move in to gradually turn it into their refuge. This is when the story of juvenile love, atomic love, true love will transform them forever.

Second feature film by Valérie Massadian.



Best International film at the Doclisboa Film Festival, 2017
Best film at the Belfort International Film Festival, 2017
Best film at the Lanzarote International Film Festival, 2017
Audience Award, Jury Award and Golden Leopard for best film at the Locarno International Film Festival, 2017

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