Summer workshops - 1:100. Turn the volume up on reality with miniature models - Gorka Segurola Dorronsoro | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

1:100. Turn the volume up on reality with miniature models

Miniature modeling workshop CC BY American Institute of Architects

Fancy being a volume craftsman?

To put it one way, miniature models are a way of rendering in object form the reality around us. They can show an urban or natural environment, they can be a work tool, or they can be a mere representation, but the result will be a work of art based on the creative process.
Carefully choose the size, the right materials and…turn up the volume on reality! 

Models can represent a piece of furniture or a building, a park or an urban area, an entire city or an extensive natural terrain.

we can use models to distort reality (in terms of scale), as an expression of a personal vision or for the physical implementation of a set of elements. Cardboard, wood, card, metal sheets, sticks, plastic, leaves, cork, and more...the list of materials for making models is infinite. Each person’s imagination will be the most powerful tool for getting the best out of the most unassuming materials before us.

The work sessions will focus on examples of models made from different materials. We’ll learn through practice, drawing on different techniques — both handicrafts and the latest technology — to manipulate and transform a range of materials and create models.  We’ll combine short technical challenges with longer exercises of more personal interest to the participants over the four-day workshop.


Note: the workshop will last four days, and it is strongly recommended to attend everyday in order to take advantage of the contents tackled. If you cannot come one of the days, please write here: