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A film by Valérie Massadian

Nana, Valérie Massadian


America, Valérie Massadian, France, 2013, 7’, DCP VO ENG,  OV with Spanish subtitles
A day, a place, a boy, a film reel, a shot..

Nana, Valérie Massadian, France, 2011, 68’, DCP VO FR, OV with Spanish subtitles 
Nana is a four-year-old girl who lives with her mother and grandfather in a stone house in the country. In this rural environment, the girl learns to get dressed on her own, play outdoors and walk through the woods. It is a place where the fantastic and the dangerous meet to form a universe of their own. One afternoon, when Nana returns from school, she finds no one at home, only silence. Best First Film at the Locarno Festival.

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