27-10-2017 13:49

Autumn stories

This autumn we have two stories for you. Or rather, they are told by Juan Canela and Adriá Juliá. The former tells us stories about magic, rituals and nature. The latter tells us about cultural exchange and its legacies.

Even today, peasants in southern Italy cry out Cale, cale, caleee!!! in an attempt to repel the excess water from storms through this magic spell. With this title, Canela has gathered a series of artists who in one way or another tackle the relationship between the rational and the irrational. This proposal arises from Juan Canela's stay in our curatorship residency last year. Through this stay we want the guest curators to have a better knowledge of our context, and at the same time, we offer a place to develop and make visible their own projects. Canela works on this proposal combining local and international artists, creating a dialogue between popular Basque traditions with those from other places.



Cale, Cale, Caale!!! Juan Canela


Hot Iron Marginalia, on the other hand, is the continuity of the project that Adriá Juliá carried out in the Espai Tretze of the Fundació Miró in Barcelona, in May this year, within the series Pie a fuera curated by Jordi Antas. Based on photograph albums of Catalan Romanesque churches made by his grandfather, Juliá approaches the concepts of heritage and cultural legacy from a point of view of economic relationships through several films and installations that also refer to the "importation" of American football to Catalonia in the 1990s.



Hot Iron Marginalia. Adrià Julià

Both exhibitions are accompanied by activities that will help to explore their universes. With these, we close this year's series of exhibitions, leaving an autumn flow of iconography, rituals, symbology and intersecting interpretations of stories.


Ane Rodríguez Armendariz
Tabakalera's cultural director

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