Visions and Cosmopolitics - -Cancelled- Runakuna: human but not only - Marisol de la Cadena | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

-Cancelled- Runakuna: human but not only

Ausangate mountain (Peru)

View of Ausangate mountain (Peru)

Seminar and public conference by Marisol de la Cadena.

"I once told a customs agent who was quizzing me about the purpose of my presence in the UK that I was there to talk about mountains that were not only such. A bit taken aback, but also trying to show he understood he asked: “sacred mountains?” I responded cryptically: “that too, but again, not only such.” He smirked, sealed my passport and I left giggling silently.  An inconspicuous if frequent phrase, I learned to use not only as ethnographic conceptual tool in conversation with Mariano and Nazario Turpo. They would insist that what to me was (for example, a mountain) was not only that. Coming to terms with what was not only what to me was in addition to taking time, required working at a permanent interface (a mutually inhabited relation) where the Turpo’s worlding practices and mine were both seemingly alike and at the same time different.» 


Marisol de la Cadena


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