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Sesión de cortometrajes

Autobiographical scene number 6882 ruben ostlund

Sesion with Ruben Östlund's shorts films and end of the serie.

Let The Others Deal With Love

Ruben Östlund, Sweden, , 2009 29', OV with spanish subtitles

A group of young men is living on the edge of life, trying not to lose their innocence in the painful process of growing up.

    Autobiographical Scene Number 6882

    Ruben Östlund, Suedia, , 2005 9', JBA es, DCP

    Hogeitamar urteko gizon batek bere lagunei deituko die ausarkeria bat egiten ikus dezaten: uretara salto egingo du altuegi den zubi batetik.

        Incident by a Bank

        Ruben Östlund, Sweden, , 2010 12', OV with spanish subtitles

        A detailed and humorous real-time account of a failed bank robbery, an observation of how people react to the unexpected. Shot in a single take and with over 96 people meticulously choreographed, the film recreates an actual event that took place in 2006.

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