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Session 2. O'er Land + Paranormal Trilogy

Focus: Deborah Stratman

Screening of 4 films in 16mm by Deborah Stratman. Second session of the Focus on her work.

O'er Land

Deborah Stratman, USA, , 2009 51, OV with Spanish Subtitles, 16mm

This film is concerned with the sudden, simple, thorough ways that events can separate us from the system of things, and place us in a kind of limbo.  Like when we fall. Or cross a border. Or get shot. Or saved. The film forces together culturally acceptable icons of heroic national tradition with the suggestion of unacceptable historical consequences, so that seemingly benign locations become zones of moral angst.


How Among the Frozen Words

Deborah Stratman, USA, , 2005 1, OV with Spanish Subtitles, HD

Inspired by a chapter in Francois Rabelais’ 1653 epic novel Gargantua & Pantagruel wherein Pantagruel finds that the explosions, cries and other sounds generated from a battle that had occurred the year before have been frozen into discernable shapes – and that the sounds can be released upon the breaking or melting of the frozen forms. PART 1 of THE PARANORMAL TRILOGY

It Will Die Out In the Mind

Deborah Stratman, USA, , 2006 3, OV with Spanish Subtitles, 16mm

A short meditation on the possibility of spiritual existence and the paranormal in our information age. Texts are lifted from Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Stalker in which the Stalker’s daughter redeems his otherwise doomed spiritual journey. She offers him something more expansive and less explicable than logic or technology as the conceptual pillar of the human spirit. PART 2 of THE PARANORMAL TRILOGY

The Magician's House

Deborah Stratman, USA, , 2007 5, OV with Spanish Subtitles, 16mm

Sometimes the supernatural lingers plainly in the most ordinary places, secret only in so much as its trace goes unnoticed. Both a letter to a cancer stricken alchemist-filmmaker friend, and a quiet tribute to the vanishing art of celluloid, The Magician’s House is full of ghosts. PART 3 of THE PARANORMAL TRILOGY

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