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Sintagma, Valie Export

Sintagma, Valie Export

"A programme of five shortfilms where VALIE EXPORT develops her most narrative aspect, but always with her characteristic link to the dominant artistic trend from the second half of the 20th century in Europe, and of course without abandoning the feminist look and the point of view primarily female in the social and relational description of our present. An outstanding opportunity to take in, in small doses, the unfathomable work of the Linz-born artist". Martín Cuesta, Gijón International Film Festival. 


PROGRAMME. Duration: 61'

Adjungierte Dislokationen (Adjunct Dislocations), VALIE EXPORT, Austria, 1973, 10’
i turn over the pictures of my voice in my head, VALIE EXPORT, Austria, 2009, 12’
Ein perfektes Paar oder die Unzucht wechselt ihre Haut, VALIE EXPORT, Austria, 1986, 12’
Syntagma, VALIE EXPORT, Austria, 1983, 16mm, 18’
Interrupted Line, VALIE EXPORT, Austria, 1971/72, 16mm, 9’

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