Feminist pedagogies - Spaces to be the way we want to be - Eider Goiburu Moreno, Marije Apodaka | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Spaces to be the way we want to be

Seminar on feminist pedagogies

feminist pedagogies - safe spaces

At the root of feminism is the questioning of essential and dichotomous identities, while at the same time affirming that identity is complex, dynamic and performative. However, we know that when people socialise we immediately understand which are the “appropriate” ways of behaving and which are “expected” of us, and we understand even more clearly the social punishment that will result if we find ourselves outside this classification.

Educational spaces are crucial spaces for socialising and should be places where different options for the construction of identities are opened up. But what happens when schools do not have sufficient tools to overcome the barriers generated by stereotypes? What happens when there are cases of exclusion or violence in the playgrounds? What can we do as education practitioners to avoid the different forms of oppression in the classroom? And how can we turn the group into a safe space where we can be what we want to be?

During the last few months the working group on feminist pedagogies has been working on safe spaces. In order to be feminist teachers, creating safe spaces in the educational context is regarded as the first step. To help us in this reflection, we have invited Eider Goiburu (19 March) and Marije Apodaka (20 March) to run this seminar whose objective will be to share new strategies. Both have extensive experience within the context of feminism, in education and the field of participation.

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Eider Goiburu Moreno

Feminist, social psychologist and sex educator

Marije Apodaka

Equality advisor and advises on gender issues