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The Day After

An exhibition by Maryam Jafri

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Tabakalera presents The Day After, an exhibition by the artist Maryam Jafri, co-produced by Bétonsalon, an art and research centre in Paris, and Tabakalera. The project was presented last March in the French capital. On this occasion, the artist has divided the exhibition around the archive and three dimensions of the archive: the archive as an artist’s piece, the archive as a case study and the archive as a property.


1. The archive as an artist’s piece

The starting point for the project is the work Independence Day 1934-1975, which Maryam Jafri started in 2009 and which is still ongoing. This piece brings together photographs from the days of independence of some of the former European colonies in Africa and Asia, which portray the moment when a dependent territory was transformed into a country and state. Taking this piece as an excuse, Bétonsalon initiated a conversation with Maryam Jafri to develop a series of case studies with the aim of reflecting on the various issues and debates that independence and decolonisation processes generate.


2. The archive as a case study

The case studies were carried out by the artist herself, in collaboration with agents related to artistic practices and journalists, researchers, writers, anthropologists and historians. This research, carried out with the help of these professionals, seeks to bring the history of African and Asian countries to the present day, as well as the relationship that they had and maintain now with their former European colonialists. Often, history is presented as unique and universal, but the archive and case studies presented by Maryam Jafri claim history as a story, with many ways of reading it, building it, learning it and experiencing it.


3. The archive as a property

Versus Series would come to question the size of the archive as a property. During the process of researching and looking for sources to obtain graphic documentation on the days of independence, the artist discovered that it was possible to get the same images through various routes. The same photo can have various sources, rights of reproduction and use, thus opening the debate about the ownership and rights of an image being a country's national heritage.




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The Day After is a project started by Bétonsalon art and research centre and is co-produced by Tabakalera. The Day After was presented at the Blackwood Gallery, in Mississauga, Canada in January 2016.



  • Fairs and meetings
    04-06-2016 - 12:00

    Shared viewing of albums of Basque families who have had a relationship with or are related to the Philippines.

    Location: - Espacio de creadores

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  • Conferencias y seminarios Conferencias y seminarios
    19-05-2016 > 20-05-2016

    This seminar is dedicated to the introduction of the project Dispositifs of Touching: Curatorial Imagination in the Times of Expanded Borders.

    Location: - Z Hall

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  • Presentaciones Talleres
    05-05-2016 > 06-05-2016

    The thread of this series of activities is based around various aspects of what has been called "the colonial archive

    Location: - Artist's Space

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  • Guided tours
    29-04-2016 > 24-06-2016 - Fridays at 6pm (ES) and 7pm (EU)

    Once every two weeks, on fridays, we organise tours of the exhibition The Day After by Maryam Jafri at Tabakalera. The tours offer different routes and dialogues to give a range of ideas of the contents.

    Location: - Exhibition Hall

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  • Guided tours
    27-04-2016 > 08-06-2016 - Once a month, on wednesday 18:30-20:00

    These visits represent a number of experimental visions of the exhibition with the aim of opening it up to new interpretations. 

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  • Conferences and seminars
    16-04-2016 - 11:00

    Meeting with the artist Maryam Jafri.

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