Data Commons Lab - Think Commons #1: Kaos155 - Ana Torbellino - Ana Torbellino | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Think Commons #1: Kaos155 - Ana Torbellino

Online session created by the Data Commons Lab open group

Data Commons Lab - Kaos155 - CC-BY Marcin Ignac

CC-BY Marcin Ignac

In this first Think Commons session associated with the Data Commons Lab we will talk to Ana Torbellino, one of the people behind the development of Kaos155, a tool to obtain data on public administration procurement and corporate relationships in Spain.


Think Commons is a network thinking platform. A transmedia environment that promotes debate and generates knowledge about commons, collective creation, collaborative practices, free culture and open government. For now Think Commons is made visible thanks to a series of live streaming sessions.


Kaos155 greatly helps what we call at the Data Commons Lab freeing open-source data, that is, making truly accessible and usable data that, despite having been published, wasn’t available as such due to its complexity, the use of formats that make its analysis difficult, or because it was available on a medium that made searches impossible.

Kaos155 is an open source software tool released under the terms of the GPL 3 licence. The tool was originally developed by Ricardo and Ana Torbellino and released as open source software after the hackmeeting of 12 October 2017 held in Madrid. Ricardo and Ana Torbellino continue to work on Kaos155 as open source software under the terms of the GPL 3 licence, and along with them, more people who have joined to collaborate with its development.

The source code of the tool can be consulted on Github: Kaos155 and it can also be downloaded and used. Online installation is available on

The Think Commons session will take place online at the following address: Think Commons #1.  At Hirikilabs we will meet at 17:45 to take part in the session as a group.