Data Commons Lab - Think commons #3: Data feminism - Catherine D'Ignazio | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Think commons #3: Data feminism - Catherine D'Ignazio

Online session created by the Data Commons Lab Open Group

data feminism

In the third Think Commons session associated with the Data Commons Lab we will talk to Catherine D'Ignazio about data feminism.

Data has power - power to inform, power to persuade, power to shape material reality. It is the precisely this power that provokes the questions: Who produces and analyses the data? For whom? In whose interests? With whose values? These are some of the questions that emerge from what Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren Klein call “data feminism”, a way of thinking about data and its visualisation that is informed by recent decades of feminist activism and critical thought.

To find out more about Catherine's research on data feminism, you can read What can data visualization learn from feminism?, a summary of the six main lessons that the world of data can learn from feminism. You can also read the paper Feminist Data Visualization published by Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren Klein.

The Think Commons session will take place online at the following address: Think Commons #3.  At Hirikilabs we will meet at 16:45 to take part in the session as a group. 





Catherine D'Ignazio

Assistant Professor of Civic Media & Data Visualization