- Think Commons #8: Miren Gutierrez, Guillermo Gutierrez - Miren Gutiérrez, Guillermo Gutiérrez | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Think Commons #8: Miren Gutierrez, Guillermo Gutierrez

Data activism and social change

data commons lab

What role does the emerging and omnipresent data ecosystem play in social activism? And in particular open data? During this session associated with the Data Commons Lab our guest will be Miren Gutiérrez who, along with Guillermo Gutiérrez, will talk about this topic.

In 2018 Miren has published the book Data Activism and Social Change, which talks about how people and organisations are using the data infrastructure as an essential tool in their campaign and action strategies. These people include researchers with an activist vocation and activists with a love for numbers who are creating new maps, platforms and partnerships for a better world.

You can follow the session on the Youtube channel of Montera34 and participate in the session via the chat associated with the channel:

At Hirikilabs we will meet at 17:45 to take part in the session as a group.



Miren Gutiérrez

PhD in Communication

Guillermo Gutiérrez

Senior Software Developer