Atlas. Self publication's workhops - Thunderstorm and monstrous fanzines - Alazne Zubizarreta | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Thunderstorm and monstrous fanzines

fanzine lantegia

Like the thunderstorm that brought Frankenstein’s monster and his bride (star of the poster for this year’s Horror and Fantasy Film Festival) to life, the bolt of lightning will reach Ubik’s desktop publishing corner and illuminate us as we create amazing fanzines.

Mixing different sizes, types of paper and formats we will find out about new binding techniques and will work on the production of special covers for our fanzines. Three formats will be used that differ from the typical configuration for desktop publishing, but we will always work within the range of options that paper and staples offer. We will look at the use of different materials, the folding of paper, fasteners and screws, as well as pop-ups. We will also have the possibility of adapting the proposal to create our own hybrid: a small fanzine/object that we will later fill with the analogue or digital content of our choice.

Come and soak up the energy and invent your own “creature”.

*This activity is part of the War of Fanzines 2018, organised by the 29th San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, in collaboration with the desktop publishing corner of Ubik, Tabakalera’s creation library, and FNAC.


Alazne Zubizarreta

Painting and graphic design specialist