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Unsichtbare Gegner (Invisible Adversaries)

Presented by Alba Baeza

Invisible adversaries, VALIE EXPORT

Unsichtbare Gegner (Invisible Adversaries), VALIE EXPORT, Austria, 1977, 16mm, 110’

Anna, an artist, is obsessed with the invasion of alien doubles bent on total destruction. Her schizophrenia is reflected in the juxtapositions of long movie camera takes with violently edited montages: private with public spaces; black & white with colour, still photographs with video, earsplitting sounds with disruptive camera angles. Anna uses her body like a map; after a devastating quarrel with her lover, she paints red stitches on herself. Watching their scenes together, we realize how seldom, if ever before, the details of sexual intimacy have been shown in film from the point of view from a woman. Export privileges rupture over unity and never settles for one-dimensional solutions (Artforum, Nov. 1980)

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