Women Working Together. Archiveras | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Women Working Together. Archiveras

  • Year: 2016 > 2018

Based on the shared experiences of a group of “cigarreras” (cigarette makers) from Tabakalera during the process Mañana Goodbye, and with the aim of continuing to reflect on the past and the present of the factory, in 2016/17 we began a work process involving both the old and the current workers.

Archiveras consists of the activation of a space for the collective construction of knowledge based on monthly meetings of the group. In these meetings, we work on the creation of an archive that reflects on the ways of narrating and writing history, collecting what is usually ignored and does not appear in the so-called official archives, such as biographical, conflictive or emotional aspects.

We gather together diverse materials, some that have been kept for years, others that have been unearthed during these months, and some that only existed in memories and that are being narrated now for the first time. With them we rethink the notion of memory and archiving as a possible way of making a political declaration, asking questions like: What do we want to tell people about what working in Tabakalera meant for us? How is this experience linked to other types of information and documents? Or, what new readings might we create in the present?

During the academic year 2017/18 we will meet twice a month to continue selecting documents, scanning images, recording testimonials and cataloguing. Occasionally we invite allies like Mertxe Tranche to visit us and make their contributions to the group. In November we will be joined by Mariló Fernández from LaFundició, who will also propose a session open to the public.

In addition to this, one of the fundamental tasks will be to start giving physical form to this archive that so far only we know, with the idea of inaugurating it at the end of the year at the Storage, so that it coexists there with the installation Mañana goodbye. A group of women who work together.



Reactivating memories

16-11-2017 > 17-11-2017

In this meeting we will get to know the process developed by the "Archiveras" and the work experience of LaFundició.

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Machines, sandwiches and Salvatore Adamo. Stories from tobacco factories


In these two sessions in which we shall ponder upon ways of making history and constructing memory, we will approach the archive as a possibility of political diction.

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