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Work in open source style

Introductory workshops

free software workshop
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Did you know that there is a wide variety of open source software on the Ubik computers? Do you want to learn to use it?

You can retouch images, compose music, animate playdough, and make digital drawings. Open source software and/or freeware will be used to discover and learn about the resources available for all. Chose whatever you are most interested in and come to work in open source style!


May 3. GIMP

Do you want to learn to edit images? Now is your chance by learning to use the programme GIMP! Get to know the basics of GIMP and learn to edit images by imitating Andy Warhol's work.


May 10. LMMS

Is it possible to compose and produce music without physical instruments? Proof that it is possible is the free piece of software LMMS, a sound editing programme that offers professional results. Using said programme, we'll learn to produce music by means of sound synthesis, organisation of audio samples, and through the MIDI keyboard.


May 17. Stop Motion Studio

Do you want to learn to make animations?  Using Stop Motion Studio, the simple and free application for mobile phones and tablets, we will make stop motion animations with our own bodies and with playdough.


May 24. Google Keep

We use mobiles and their applications daily: to take written notes and voice notes, to make lists, and to create vector drawings. To help us accomplish all of this, we can use the Google Keep tool. How does it work? Come and find out.


June 7. Krita

Krita is a powerful software for digital painting, illustration, and photo retouching. Thanks to its light and pleasant interface, both workflow and performance increase. Distributed under a GNU GPL licence, this free piece of software is becoming more and more popular on a worldwide level and, here at Ubik, we want to do our bit by organising this workshop in which we'll explain the programme's basic tools for work.


June 14 . Blender

Blender is a cutting-edge and easily-accessible tool for 3D modelling and animating your work with a professional finish. Video games, animation, 3D printing… if you're interested in these activities, sign up!


June 21. Audacity

Audacity is a well-known piece of software that can be used for recording and editing audio. Apart from learning the basic tools of this programme, we’ll learn to create simple effects and audio filters applicable to video games or to any other field. For those interested in starting out in recording and designing sound for video games.


June 28. OpenShot

OpenShot is one of the most powerful free video editing programmes. It works across different platforms (Linux, Mac, and Windows) and has an attractive, easy-to-use interface. We can create effects, add titles, and work with some of its default animations. Amazing, isn’t it? Come and check it out.